The two leaders of Russian band Marimba Plus, Lev Slepner and Tatiana Shishkova, united in duet to create a fascinating combination of marimba and vocal. Their program «Air Music» consists of author’s compositions of Lev Slepner, Vicente Amigo, Spanish, African folk and some famous songs of our century. Almost all of arrangements are written for a string quartet, so the Duet may perform with local quartets or with original studio backing.


Tatiana Shishkova

Vocalist, fluently singing in a World Music style, having in her repertoire songs in many languages of the world. Having the title «Flamenco Voice of Russia»,  Tatiana sings flamenco as native Spanish vocalists, and does it as if she has just come out of the seven seas.


Lev Slepner

Marimbist, composer and percussionist, founder and leader of the band Marimba Plus. Official endorser of Yamaha, Istanbul Agop and Encore Mallets in Russia.

Winner of the Russian «Triumph-2002» award as the best jazz musician and composer. Author of all music for Marimba Plus band. As a movie composer, awarded with highest cinema awards, such as: ANNI-Nominatation 2014 Best Short Film LA. (USA), Airoport Film Festival Sapporo Special Prix (Japan), Kroq-Anime 2015 Best Music (France).


Musicians have collaborated and performed with Igor Butman, Billy Cobham, Linley Marthe, Trilok Gurtu, Paco Sery, Alessandro Napolitano, Didier Lockwood, Adrian Sanchez, Cindy Blackman, Dominique Di Piazza, and others.